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OWAlifetime collection

Acoustical Solutions

PRODUCT FEATURE: Mineral Wool Acoustical Panels: Monolithic, Sanded, High Absorbing Fissured School Board


  • Dense board-tighter & lighter vs competition
  • Easy to cut and accept edge paint
  • All mineral fiber (mid/high NRC)-no itch on high end & grey core
  • Smooth Octave surface for great monolithic scrim
  • Balanced & absorption product lines-range of NRC/CAC combinations
  • Stocked on floor in US

OWAconsult collection

Open Space Solutions

PRODUCT FEATURE: Geometric & Modular Canopies, Linear & Design Baffle Systems, Large Format Concrete Sound Boards


  • Limitless design possibilities due to modular elements
  • Standard products with variations of color, size, shape, thickness
  • Ability to control noise without taking away from open space concept
  • Easy installation for contractors
  • Globally innovative designs, NEW to North America
  • Stocked on floor in US

OWAconsult collection

Designer Solutions

PRODUCT FEATURE: Acoustical Panels with Complex Surface Design, High Absorption Panels with Natural Material Design:Concrete, Wood, Stone 


  • Globally innovative designs, NEW and STOCKED in North America
  • Unique surface designs with high sound absorption qualities
  • Economical solution to simulate natural building materials
  • Easy installation utilizing standard grid systems
  • LED lighting with OWAlight grid

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